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Associations background information

As the name suggests the Co-operative Housing Societies Association of NSW (the Association) is an association formed by Co-operative Housing Societies (CHS’s) in order to enable the sharing of costs, source loan products on a group basis, and to enable co-operation in areas such as training, professional development and legislative compliance. The Association also provides a single point of contact in dealings with Housing NSW and the Registry of Co-operatives and Associations, two key stakeholders in the industry. Our website was developed to cover some of the major items of interest to its member CHS’s and to provide information to Government, potential lenders and clients of its member CHS’s.

Co-operative Housing Societies have a 70 year history of assisting low to moderate income earners to purchase their own home. They do this by partnering with Government to provide loans on more favourable terms to those available from Banks, Building Societies and securitised lenders. As access to Government home purchase projects have been severely restricted in recent times most CHS’s have also sought to diversify their businesses by also operating as a mortgage broker and offering general home loan and investment loan products through our branches.

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