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Associations's Objectives

The objectives of the Association shall be to render services to and act on behalf of component societies in the following ways:

  • to assist in arranging low cost housing finance to low income home buyers;
  • to procure the passing of such legislation or the adoption of such administrative action in matters affecting its component societies as may from time to time be called for;
  • to compile statistical, accounting, actuarial, legal, financial, architectural and other data for the information of its component societies;
  • to investigate and report upon any matter affecting the operation of Co-operative Housing Societies;
  • to issue or to arrange for the issue periodically of a publication devoted primarily to matters of interest to component societies or their members and to distribute same amongst its component societies and their members;
  • to procure legal advice and to make legal action in any matter affecting component societies or their members in their relationship with such component societies;
  • if required by a component society, to supervise its operations and to arrange for the audit of its accounts;
  • to join with The Australian Council of Housing Societies and with any other body having similar objects to the said Council for the purpose of sponsoring, promoting and encouraging co-operative housing for the people of Australia;
  • to acquire shares in any company or other bodies specified in Section 36 (1) of the Act which has undertaken to render special services to the Association in consideration of such acquisition;
  • to render such other services to its component societies as the Board may determine from time to time;
  • to ensure that members maintain a professional standard of conduct in accordance with the Association By-Laws.
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