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About Us

CHS HOME LOANS is a lender for major institutions who wholesale the funds to CHS. This means that we are not 'locked' into one source of funds and can pick and choose just the right type of home finance to suit each borrower.

CHS is responsible for arranging the funds for your loan and the ongoing, prudent management through each phase of your loan. We are committed to providing a service to you now and into the future. We have been in business for over 70 years and will always be there to assist when needed.

What can I use my CHS HOME LOAN for?

  • To buy a first or subsequent home. (Our competitive rate is not just available to first home buyers)
  • To refinance an existing mortgage
  • To finance an investment property.
  • CHS Home Loans are designed to be as flexible as possible, so if you have another purpose for the loan, just check with our friendly lending staff.
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